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Take in a lungful of fresh air, feast on food cooked with organic produce, and partake in fun activities with your family. A trip to Our Native Village is guaranteed to awaken the inner child in you.

Games at our Native village

Cities rob us of the small pleasures of life. Time, open spaces, pure oxygen and, sometimes, even peace of mind. Kids living in metros today aren’t familiar with the joys of climbing a tree or reading a book, perched under one. Our Native Village, managed and operated by Niraamaya Retreats, aims to wow its guests with an array of activities that we have lost to urban living.


Located in Hesaraghatta, just a short drive from Bengaluru city, Our Native Village is the brain-child of C.B. Ramkumar, a pioneer in sustainable living. The resort gives urban folks an opportunity to experience rural India—with its line-up of village games and expansive outdoors.


Bringing back the joys of simple living  

Our Native Village Room
Our Native Village Room

Today, most of us are tied to our desks and fancy gadgets. We rarely take the time out to soak in our immediate surroundings or look up from our mobile screens. Our Native Village hopes to take people back to a time before technology dominated our lives. It’s an ode to the simple pleasures of life in an ambience that’s integrated with lush natural surroundings. 


The buildings’ structure is reminiscent of traditional architecture with its thatched roofs and stone seating areas at the entrance. Nilanjan Mishra, GM, Our Native Village says, “Mud-bricks used for construction were made on-site using the soil (and then sun-baked). They were dug out while laying the foundation.” Some of the resort’s energy needs are met through the electricity generated by the solar panels within its boundaries.


Not so long ago, games like gilli danda, spinning tops and kite flying were all a part of growing up. Games lost to urbanisation. Our Native Village is bringing them back from oblivion. You can choose from village games such as—lagori, bullock cart rides, horse-riding (seasonal), and milking the cow, catapult firing, and cycle tyre racing. In addition, you can spend hours playing cricket, badminton and kabaddi. Or attend flower and rangoli design classes. If not, you can explore the resort and its grounds on a bicycle. A stay here is a sure-shot way to bring families closer.


Children can discover their creativity through artistic pursuits like pottery and leaf art. You can choose to camp outside for a night under moonlit skies or have an evening picnic on the grounds. Apart from these raw earthy experiences, Mishra reveals that recent additions like trampolines, ATVs and a basketball court aim to maintain an equilibrium between the old and the new.


A swim at the pool is a great way to spend a few moments alone. Says Mishra, “Keeping up with the village theme, the pool has been tiled with sandstone, evocative of natural ponds.” Guests can also visit the organic farm and vegetable garden, and enjoy delicious regional and international cuisines, cooked using the freshest of produce.


Our Native Village also offers the modern traveller what many resorts don’t—pet-friendly rooms. In fact, it’s one of the few places in India that allows pets even into guest rooms, making it an ideal getaway for the entire family. The kids are bound to find unusual playmates within the resort. They will surely bump into a few farm animals on-site, such as cows and hens.  

Staying relevant in contemporary India

There’s a paradigm shift in how people travel today, courtesy of millennials. They are catapulting ‘experiential travel’ to the forefront. These are guests with a desire to go beyond five-star luxury and seek out soul-stirring and enriching experiences. Our Native Village is for them.


The uniquely-themed retreat offers guests rich village experiences that are lost to city folks. What’s the point of a holiday if you can’t disconnect from the often-chaotic urban life, and discover the joys in simple things? So, go down memory lane, get closer to nature and your loved ones, and above all, reignite that child-like wonderment in you.


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