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Embracing local culture and architecture, Niraamaya Retreats creates bespoke luxurious slices of experience for its guests and offers a holistic getaway from the daily business of urban living.

The perfect and premium choice for relaxation and rejuvenation, Niraamaya Retreats—whose private boutique properties are located in beauteous destinations in Kerala, Goa and Nagaland—offer stunning hideaways for a holistic, transformative experience. Each retreat, in its unique way, embraces local influences and native culture and incorporating these, transforms the stay experience into a luxurious slice of life.

Interestingly, all the retreats are infused with elements from native architecture that are unique to the region—and some of these are features that are slowly becoming extinct in a swiftly changing world. Creating patches of what can be called vernacular beauty of the best kind, Niraamaya Retreats reference age-old building styles and synergise these wonderfully with the landscape and climate.

Even though the soul that rests in them is as old as the hills, its manifestation is in structures that are contemporary, elegant, comfortable and luxurious. So, even as a guest steps into the retreats’ buildings—big and small—that are reminiscent of ancient times, he or she is enveloped by all the comforts that our millennium boasts of.

Creating A Unique Footprint

This millennium has seen a drastic shift in how people travel. Discerning tourists want to dive into experiential travel that goes beyond conventional five-star stays. They seek a getaway from the chaos of urban living in unique addresses that draw from the local culture, even as they combine all the amenities that a modern-day traveller seeks. And this is what Niraamaya Retreats is renowned for—a creation of an oasis that gives one the best of many worlds.

Best Resorts in Kumarakom

Recreating Kerala’s colonial past at Niraamaya Retreats – Backwaters & Beyond, Kumarakom

While the overall design of each retreat balances luxury and elegance with an aesthetic grace and restraint, the individual properties stand out, defined by the ethos of the location in which they are housed. At Niraamaya Retreats – Backwaters & Beyond, Kumarakom, an influence of Kerala’s classical and colonial past is visible. The structures draw from the former, while its fixtures —wooden furniture, planter’s chairs, loungers and four-poster beds are hugely colonial in feel and appearance.

The retreat is enveloped by Kerala’s profuse scenic beauty. With terracotta-painted faces dotting walls throughout the property, its plush villas offer picture-perfect views of the pool, the lake or the waterfront—and serve with style what they have promised: an unforgettable getaway from the bustle of everyday life.


Best Resort in Thekkady, Kerala

Living with Nature at Niraamaya Retreats Cardamom Club, Thekkady

Guests can choose to go back to nature at the Niraamaya Retreats Cardamom Club, Thekkady which is aesthetically positioned in the expansive plantations on a steep terrain, surrounded by serene green as far as the eye can see. Step into any of its 13 independent cottages to revel in the dramatic views amidst privacy. The decks and the ceiling wood framed openings serve as windows to nature at its best.

The minimalist and sophisticated cottages have been constructed primarily out of rich reddish hardwood sourced from plantations around. They boast of hand-crafted teakwood, rattan furniture and rice paper light fixtures that wonderfully complement the rich wood-panelled surfaces.


Back to the Future Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kovalam

The term ‘back to the future’ could also aptly apply to Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kovalam, a former mansion-turned-retreat. Located at the highest point on the cliff, it offers its guests a refreshing sojourn in well-appointed, carefully restored Tharavadu or traditional Kerala-style homes. These age-old structures define not just the heritage premium rooms but also the public spaces like the spa, bar and restaurants. The retreat showcases the best aesthetic features of the buildings of yore—ornate doors, terracotta roofs and carved pillars. The Octagon, a signature suite is a sprawling traditional stone house that exhibits the architecture of Kerala, features a private sun-deck, open-to-sky baths with rainshowers – and offers a stunning view of the Arabian Sea.

Even as guests are seduced by contemporary amenities that have been conjured up keeping a modern traveller’s needs in mind, they can also appreciate the palette of colours across the retreat. True to its name ‘Surya Samudra’, the sunrises and sunsets serenade, even as they suffuse the property with delicate shades of an orange-red glow that gently touches red clay roofs of the suites.

Best Resort In Bangalore

The Earth-Friendly Our Native Village by Niraamaya Retreats

Another address that is in sync with the philosophy of Niraamaya Retreats is Our Native Village, at a very short drive away from the city of Bengaluru. Recreating the joys of simple living, it enables its guests to experience the pleasures of rural India in verdant surroundings. Its thatched roofs and stone seating areas near the entrance echo the architecture of the past. Interestingly, the mud-bricks that hold the foundation together have been made on-site using local soil and then sun-baked.

Our Native Village also embraces local culture by urging guests to participate in village games and activities such as lagori, bullock cart rides, horse-riding (seasonal), and milking the cow, catapult firing, cycle tyre racing and swimming. Taking the village team ahead, the pool is lined with sandstone — a fact that evokes natural ponds.


Preservation of Heritage—Natural or Otherwise

Careful preservation of heritage is core to Niraamaya Retreats’ philosophy, even as it offers a lifestyle that embraces present-day comforts and luxuries. This is a result of the implementation of its holistic approach to luxury, as seen in its retreat in Kohima, Niraamaya Retreats Aradura. The inviting property was the old home of a family that hailed from Dimpaur before they converted it into a homestay which accepted guests only during the famous Hornbill Festival.

Transformed into a full-service hotel in 2008, it was taken over by Niraamaya Retreats in 2017. The attractions of the boutique luxury wellness retreat today include pine trees, fresh-water mountain streams and deep valleys, which are visible from most of the spaces within it. The living areas are a fusion of tribal and contemporary design concepts. The all-wood floors lend a rustic attractiveness to the spaces that are enhanced by premium amenities to ensure a highly comfortable stay.

Design plays a rather large role in defining stay experiences at Niraamaya Retreats that focuses on setting up retreats that are in sync with native design and architectural idiom, or the destination’s natural heritage, even as they offer every modern luxury facility possible.


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