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Go back in time to an era of elegant living at the Royal Heritage Haveli by Niraamaya Retreats in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The former 18th century hunting lodge, now a luxury boutique property, pays homage to its glorious past.

The regal connection

The discrete, graceful haveli marks Niraamaya Retreats’ entry into the majestic state of Rajasthan. This 18th century mansion was originally the hunting lodge of His Highness, Maharaja Madho Singh of Jaipur. It was transformed into a boutique hotel some 150 years later, and has played host to two generations of celebrities—from Queen Mary to artists and discerning travellers.

There is absolute class and elegance in the way people of Rajasthan do things. Hotels and retreats, in particular, offer experiences that reclaim an era now lost to the world. This old-world charm is evident in the setting, the impeccable service and the authentic experiences at this resplendent Niraamaya property.

A slice of history
Royal Heritage Haveli was handed down, much like family silver, within the imperial clan that ruled Jaipur. Today, it’s owned by Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur. It is lovingly tended to by his niece Angelique, her husband Pradip, and their two daughters; Shambhavi and Shivangani. According to Shambhavi, the Royal Heritage Haveli is run like a lavish family home. “My mother still meets guests personally. There is an aristocratic touch to everything we do, from the meals we serve to the way guests are welcomed,” she explains.

Sit down for a meal with the family, and you’ll be treated to several interesting tales of its days as a hunting retreat and its transformation into a heritage hotel. One of the fascinating stories is about the striking bar outfitted with replicas of trophy heads. Shivangani has custom-designed bevelled glass trophy shields to create an ambience of a former hunting lodge in a contemporary setting.

 A treat for your senses

At a safe distance from the chaos of the city, the haveli welcomes you with its warmth and surrounds you with an instantaneous sense of calm. The beautiful stately mansion is set amidst an expansive five-acres of landscaped gardens and serene courtyards. You will feel like royalty the moment you set your foot on its grounds.

Unlike other havelis in Rajasthan, many of which are more kitsch than elegant, the Royal Haveli by Niraamaya Retreats sports an Indo-saracenic architectural style façade. The interiors, covered in frescoes and art, are punctuated by arches and verandas. The colours are muted rather than flamboyant. “My mother was in charge of the restoration of the haveli that was in a decrepit state when we took over,” says Shambhavi. “She decided to go with a lovely muted palette of cool blue, lilac and other pastel shades. If you look at the really old havelis in Rajasthan, they had a subtle colour palette. Kitsch is a new trend.”

The Royal Signature Suite is a massive living space featuring a large private terrace, a living and dining area, and a roomy bedroom with gorgeous garden views. All the rooms come with well-appointed interiors and a unique character which exudes imperial charm—and provide the ultimate standards of luxury and comfort.

A dip in the soothing waters of the grandiose marble pool is a relaxing way to either start your day or end it. Ditch room service and head to dine in the courtyards under a star-lit sky, while sipping signature cocktails and trying out regional delicacies. Give your tired body and mind a much-needed reset with relaxing massages and healing therapies at the Niraamaya Spa.

Royal Heritage Haveli by Niraamaya Retreats celebrates the grandeur of an era past and makes it relevant against a contemporary luxury setting.  Here’s a caveat though: One could easily get used to living like a Maharaja.


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