AyuRythm: The world’s Ayurveda-based diagnostic app for Android and iOS systems

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Niraamaya Retreats new mobile-based app intricately blends technology and an ancient healing and wellness system to diagnose the underlying reasons for prevailing ailments.  It then goes on to suggest solutions to prevent diseases based on body constitutions.

The convergence of technology and traditional healing systems has found resonance among millennials, who use a wide variety of apps to measure health indicators and monitor their fitness levels. Health apps are so ubiquitous that they may be replacing the by-now familiar conventional methods of monitoring health, which tend to focus on disease detection and management, instead of the more contemporary and functional ways of ‘disease prevention’.

Niraamaya Retreats, India’s leading hospitality group that offers integrated wellness and healing programs, weighs in favor of ‘disease prevention’ through its various Ayurveda and yoga-led programs and retreats. Taking a step further in our attempt to offer integrated diagnosis and wellness programs, Niraamaya Retreats launches AyuRythm, an app that helps monitor an individual’s health indicators and seeks underlying causes of a disease or an ailment.

How AyuRythm Works

We define AyuRythm as the world’s first Ayurvedic diagnostic tool on a mobile phone. It is rather simple to use: Ten days before you check into one of the Niraamaya Retreats property we will send you a link to the app. Download and install AyuRythm on either Android or iOS system. Over the next 10 days, a few times a day, a guest will be expected to put their index finger on the mobile camera to capture the impression. The captured fingerprint will be diagnosed by the app on several health parameters. These results will be displayed on the dashboard of the app homepage.

Before the guest checks into the retreat our expert Ayurveda doctors will have already received the results and diagnosed patterns which affect their mental and physical health and wellness. Health indicators can vary slightly on a day-to-day basis depending on the physical, emotional and geographical conditions. From stress to physical exertion, just about any physical, emotional and geographical factor can affect the health parameters. Monitoring these parameters over a period of days can offer a far better idea of what a guest’s physical and emotional state is like and what the underlying causes of the ailment are, leading to a more accurate diagnosis.

Creating a Balance

Ayurveda, at its very basic, helps harmonise body and mind. It is based on the principles of pulse diagnosis: using a very well-established method of Naadi Pariksha (checking the pulse), doctors analyse an individual’s Prakriti (constitution at birth) and Vikriti (the body balance today), to analyse whether the three doshas — Kapha, Pita and Vata are in the right proportions.

While Vata is characterised by Air, Pitta embodies the transformative nature of fire and Kapha reflects water. In Ayurveda, the basic building blocks of the material world are the five elements: ether (space), air, fire, water and earth. All the doshas contain these five elements (as do all things in nature), every individual’s body predominantly compromises of two of these five elements. An imbalance in one element can cause various health problems. Ayurveda, through a well-established system of massages, diet and exercises or yoga, offers solutions to bring the doshas in harmony to prevent future diseases.

Based on the results shared by the AyuRythm app the doctors at the Niraamaya Spa are able to analyse the current constitution, using Vega (pulse rate), Tala (rhythm), Akriti (blood pressure), Bala (pulse pressure), Gati (pulse motion or morphology) and Tapman (temperature).

AyuRythm, the world’s first complete ayurvedic diagnostic app on the mobile phone, will throw up results that will help analyse the difference between Prakriti and Vikriti (the body constitution at birth and now), use algorithms to analyse the imbalance, and help the expert doctors at Niraamaya Spa recommend a correct course to restore balance.

Research shows that increasingly people are using complementary health measures such as yoga and Ayurveda to achieve optimum health. Ayurveda is linked to genomes by  studies such as ‘The Self-Directed Biological Transformation Initiative’ (a study conducted by several big universities, institutes and centres such as Center of Excellence for Research and Training in Integrative Health, University of California, and the Department of Ayurveda and Yoga Research at Chopra Foundation) as well as one conducted by the National Institute of Health’s ‘US National Library of Medicine’. Studies have convincingly correlated genomic variations with the classification of Prakriti as classified in Ayurveda, India’s natural health care tradition, which has a unique way of classifying human population based on the individual constitution.

Ayurveda helps in preventing a flare-up of diseases based on the body constitution. AyuRythm effectively monitors the health parameters and the body constitution at birth and now, offering us, at Niraamaya Retreats, an insight into the underlying symptoms and suggest solutions for the long-term, based on the right diet and exercise regime as recommended by Ayurveda and Yoga.  

About AyuRythm

AyuRythm is the flagship product of HourOnEarth Creative Solutions. HourOnEarth vision is to create an evidence-based, technology-driven approach to integrate traditional medicine and western medicine. AyuRythm integrated modern approaches like sensing and artificial intelligence into Ayurveda without changing the basic principles of Ayurveda.


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