Niraamaya Retreats: A unique blend of luxury hospitality and bespoke wellness.

Winner of ‘India’s Best Wellness Retreat 2018’ Award at World Spa Awards several times over, including in 2018, Niraamaya Retreats’ bouquet of boutique properties is an inspiring blend of luxury hospitality and bespoke wellness. In Sanskrit, ‘Niraamaya’ translates to mean ‘being free from illness’ and its various retreats, located in scenic locations, live up to this moniker. […]

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AyuRythm: The world’s Ayurveda-based diagnostic app for Android and iOS systems

Niraamaya Retreats new mobile-based app intricately blends technology and an ancient healing and wellness system to diagnose the underlying reasons for prevailing ailments.  It then goes on to suggest solutions to prevent diseases based on body constitutions. The convergence of technology and traditional healing systems has found resonance among millennials, who use a wide variety […]

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Everything you want to know about yoga’s origin and evolution as the world’s favourite system of healing

From New York to Mumbai, yoga has taken the world by storm. At Niraamaya Retreats, the yoga guru introduces guests to this ancient system of harmonising body, mind and soul, and takes them on a journey of physical healing and self-discovery. With a view like that, yoga should be a cakewalk. Actually, not more difficult […]

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Two of Niraamaya Retreat’s properties win big at the World Luxury Hotel Awards and The World Boutique Hotel Awards, 2018.

Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kovalam is the country winner for Luxury Heritage Hotel at the 2018 edition of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, while Royal Heritage Haveli by Niraamaya Retreats, Jaipur has won two honours at The World Boutique Hotel Awards. It has been a fabulous award season 2018 for Niraamaya Retreats. After having won […]

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Niraamaya Spa Retreat Surya Samudra, Kovalam adjudged ‘India’s Best Wellness Retreat’ at the prestigious World Spa Awards.

Niraamaya Retreats - India's best wellness retreat 2018

We are delighted to announce that Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kovalam, has been adjudged India’s Best Wellness Retreat 2018 at the 4th annual World Spa Awards. This is our third win at the prestigious awards, having bagged the awards twice in a row — in 2015 and 2016. The World Spa Awards is an annual […]

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Breaking through with ONV’s Leadership Retreats


The two-day retreats for mid-and-senior management are a medium to help them connect with themselves and their peers, rejuvenate, and experience breakthrough moments via a series of carefully curated activities, in the delightful surroundings of Our Native Village.  Executive and leadership retreats offer perks and benefits that go beyond the obvious — a chance to […]

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Immerse yourself in Rajasthan’s regal lifestyle at Royal Heritage Haveli – by Niraamaya Retreats


The charming haveli with a rich history has been a royal hunting lodge and a school in its past. Today, this historic hotel with hidden courtyards and manicured lawns, captures the 18th-century heritage of the property through its interiors and its splendid suites. Havelis or traditional mansions in Rajasthan are both historical and architectural landmarks. […]

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An ancient village with horn houses and terraced fields – Bara Basti

An ancient village Bara Basti

Exploring Kohima could throw up several surprises such as an old village, the second largest in Asia, that holds several secrets to Nagaland’s fascinating past.  Discover the hill state’s many charms with Niraamaya Retreats Aradura, Kohima. Have you ever heard of a village with a population of one lakh people, the second largest in Asia, […]

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