Monthly Archive: September, 2019

Niraamaya Retreat’s Executive Weight Loss Program: Shed Weight, Not Your Smile

Set in the right backdrop with stress kept at bay, Niraamaya Retreat makes its executive weight loss program pleasurable to the body, mind, and palate at once. How many times have you mixed your weight loss program with pleasure? Have you ever felt that checking into a retreat to shed weight for overall wellness means getting into serious, rigorous stuff?...

How the Panchakarma at Niraamaya Retreats will help deep cleanse your body

Stressful time and diets that introduce multiple toxins, Panchakarma is designed to address all these issues. Niraamaya Retreats offers a 14-night Panchakarma package under the expert guidance of expert Ayurveda doctors at Niraamaya Retreats.  The reasons why Ayurveda is the answer to your deep-seated health issues There is little doubt that the wonders of Ayurveda are multi-pronged, improving the lives...

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