Monthly Archive: December, 2018

Niraamaya Retreats: A unique blend of luxury hospitality and bespoke wellness.

Winner of ‘India’s Best Wellness Retreat 2018’ Award at World Spa Awards several times over, including in 2018, Niraamaya Retreats’ bouquet of boutique properties is an inspiring blend of luxury hospitality and bespoke wellness. In Sanskrit, ‘Niraamaya’ translates to mean ‘being free from illness’ and its various retreats, located in scenic locations, live up to this moniker. Why Wellness?  A new study, Global...

AyuRythm: The world’s Ayurveda-based diagnostic app for Android and iOS systems

Niraamaya Retreats new mobile-based app intricately blends technology and an ancient healing and wellness system to diagnose the underlying reasons for prevailing ailments.  It then goes on to suggest solutions to prevent diseases based on body constitutions. The convergence of technology and traditional healing systems has found resonance among millennials, who use a wide variety of apps to measure health...

Everything you want to know about yoga’s origin and evolution as the world’s favourite system of healing

From New York to Mumbai, yoga has taken the world by storm. At Niraamaya Retreats, the yoga guru introduces guests to this ancient system of harmonising body, mind and soul, and takes them on a journey of physical healing and self-discovery. With a view like that, yoga should be a cakewalk. Actually, not more difficult than that Vrikshasana or the...

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